Innovative DIY Ideas With Waste

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Waste management is one of the vital matters of concern in recent years. Waste mainly affects the environment as it causes land, air and water pollution. Re-use of waste is an excellent idea as it reduces the harmful environmental impact. Several high-level recycling units that process the waste stuff and convert into a form which can be used for other […]

Craft Quilling - Flower Basket

Craft Quilling: Lovely Patterns For Beginners

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What Is Craft Quilling? Craft quilling or paper quilling is art made of thin strips of paper. For it, colored paper is used, rolled and pinched into the correct shape and finally glued in a specific pattern to make a gorgeous design. Craft quilling is an easy hobby because all you need is paper in different shades and glue to […]

Creative Crafts Jewelry By Pop Tops

DIY Crafts Jewellery Bracelets Using Recycled Pop-Tops

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Creating beautiful Crafts Jewellery using some very common Do-it-yourself methods have become a very interesting and creative art work amongst varied age groups. By using simple tools, transforming soda can pop-tops into elegant bracelets by stringing them together is exquisite. Tools and Materials Required for DIY Crafts Jewellery Bracelets 20 number of Soda can pop-tops that are removed carefully without […]

A Little Girl Doing DIY Cardboard Box Home.

Cardboard Boxes – Out Of Box Ideas To Repurpose

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Being Inventive With Cardboard Boxes Cardboard boxes are used widely in the packaging industry. Whether you buy a pair of shoes or a new kitchen appliance. Most houses will have a pile of cardboard stocked in their store room. Cardboard boxes are mostly broken down and sent to the recycling centers. This is one way of getting rid of cardboard […]

Small Cactus Pots Made Up Of Clay.

Crafty Ideas – Making Clayey Items

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Clay And Crafts Creativity of any kind will always energize the brain. It helps in early brain development and helps kids to have more focus. Creativity has an effect that is similar to meditation. It calms the body and brain and keeps you active. Creativity helps humans handle trauma and reduces stress, depression and anxiety. A person becomes more prolifically […]

Handmade Lamp For Festiavl Of Light Made Up of Color Papers.

Don’t Miss Out! The 10 Amazing kids Crafts for Diwali

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Celebrate the festival of lights with Crafts Diwali is always a time filled with fun and lights surrounding us. It is a special time of sharing joy with people around us. Diwali is celebrated to honor the return of Lord Rama and the triumph of good over evil. It is also said that “Lakshmi – the Goddess of Prosperity, visits […]

Paper Made Earring In Black & Yellow Combo.

Ultimate Guide to Design Your Crafts Jewelry

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Indulge in Jewelry Making Projects When we decide to try our hands in making craft jewelry as part of a project or business we are overwhelmed with many questions in our minds. The number of materials required; the basic tools needed. How to start? What all supplies are needed? To aid the issues, I have narrowed down the choices a […]

Cute Little Christmas Tree Crafts.

Simple decorations and crafts for Christmas

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As this is holiday time, you can spend your time doing a lot of interesting crafts work. It surely, homemade crafts easily uplifts the Christmas mood. It is also the best option to save money on decorations and spend time with family. There is no need to worry if you do not know how to do any crafts for Christmas. […]

DIY Cardboard Bags.

Brilliant and Interesting Crafts with Cardboard

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Do you have numerous cardboard boxes and wonder what to do with them? We have shared excellent and simple crafts with cardboard in this blog. Make sure to read and try them out whenever you get time. 1. Do it yourself apartment door numbers If you are living in an apartment, then you can convert your old cardboard boxes into […]