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What Is Craft Quilling?

Craft quilling or paper quilling is art made of thin strips of paper. For it, colored paper is used, rolled and pinched into the correct shape and finally glued in a specific pattern to make a gorgeous design. Craft quilling is an easy hobby because all you need is paper in different shades and glue to make a pattern.

An inexpensive craft, quilling is excellent to pass the time and create stunning visuals. If you are a beginner or a first-timer with quilling, here are some design inspirations for you. They are simple and make for an enjoyable project for the whole family, including the little ones!

  • Monogram made with craft quilling

The most straightforward quilling pattern is a monogram because it requires only one letter. You can experiment with different craft quilling techniques and play with varying shapes and yet end up with a stunning monogram. All you need is an outline of the alphabet, and the rest is up to your creative juices!

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Vase, Greeting Card And Earrings Made Of Craft Quilling

  • Paper quilled vase

For first-timers, a teardrop vase is the best way to introduce quilling. All you need to do is glue teardrop-shaped paper strips on a vase, and in less than 60 minutes, you have a chic and sophisticated vase. The trick is to use different hues of the same color to give the vase a beautiful ombre effect.

Craft Quilling

  • Craft quilled greeting card

Got a birthday coming or an anniversary? Gift your friends a greeting card made of a craft quilled tree. This is an exquisite design for beginners because the pattern required no effort, and the simplicity radiates panache. Simply glue strips of brown paper for the trunk and eye-shaped coils for the leaves. Remember to use all the shades you see in a tree for the leaves, and in no time, you have a greeting card ready.

  • Earring made with craft quilling

Sometimes the encouragement you need to get the ball rolling on a hobby is to make something for yourself. If you’ve been thinking of jumping onto craft quilling, then we advise making a pair of delicate-looking earrings. You don’t have to use a complicated pattern.

A simple teardrop design with coiled inserts is enough to make the most beautiful earrings. If you wish for a certain zing and zap to your craft quilling design, then why not add a bit of metallic shimmer to them?

Earrings not to your liking? Who says you have to stick to them? The fantastic thing about craft quilling is that it lends itself to jewelry like a duck to water. Make a pendant instead of earrings. Use eye-shaped coils fitted inside a circular loop in two different colors, and et voila, you have a magnificent necklace. To add a touch of pizzazz, stick a pearl right at the center. For those who have little girls at home, a paper quilled pendant is a great gift!

Craft Quilling On Brown Background

Craft Quilling Snowflakes, Posies, And Angels!

  • Quilled Christmas ornaments

Christmas is that time of the year where you spend a lot of time and money looking for gifts for everyone, and let’s not even get started on the tree ornaments. Craft quilling can help you save a ton. Make lovely quilled snowflakes in soft hues of blue and white at home. They can be used to decorate the Christmas tree, give as inexpensive gifts to your loved ones, and keep the kids busy!

  • Wall hanging made with quilling

For those craft quilling enthusiasts who want a pattern that can be treasured for life, why not make a basket of posies. It will take you more time, but the vintage design is still simple enough to be doable. Once the quilled basket of colorful bouquets is done, frame it and hang it on your wall.

  • Craft quilled angel

The last craft quilling design that any amateur can make, adults and kids, is an angel. It takes all of fifteen minutes, and it is done. Nothing gets simpler than a quilled paper angel. And they make for a unique Christmas décor. Cover your tree with angels made in all shades possible, and in a couple of hours, you have a stunning outcome!

Once you start craft quilling, there is no shortage of ideas, inspirations, and fabulous designs. All it takes is a little bit of practice, and soon enough, everyone will be admiring your work and begging you to make them some craft quilled projects. So, let’s get going!

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