Watercolor Painting

How To Make Watercolor Painting Simple?

The reason watercolor painting seems difficult is fear. Once you overcome it, painting with watercolors is easy. Here are some fundamental tricks you can take to make the task simpler:

  1. Buy colors in tubes, not in pans.
  2. Stick to a limited range of artist quality paints. Six shades is a great place to start, don’t exceed it.
  3. Look for a great quality watercolor paper; it will make a world of difference to your painting.
  4. Invest in an excellent one-inch painter’s brush, you will find it at your local hardware store.
  5. Finally, get some cheap dishes that you won’t mind throwing away. Disposable cups are a fantastic option.

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Steps To Make Watercolor Painting Easy

  • Mix each color in a separate cup – keep the solution strong.
  • Cut the paper into several 6-inch squares.
  • Spray a part of each square with water. Don’t soak it, just dampen it with a sprayer. Or use your brush dipped in water to splatter water on it.
  • Wipe the brush to dry it, dip it one color, and dash it swiftly on the dampened paper. On the dry parts of the paper, it will leave a hard like, and in wet parts, it will spread gorgeously. Leave it as is.

Experiment To Make Watercolor Painting Easy

  • Clean your brush, dip it in another color and then dash that onto the paper.
  • Repeat this process with each color. If you don’t like the result, throw the square and start with a fresh square of paper.

These are all experiments to help you practice for the real watercolor painting. Keep doing 50 to 60 of them till you understand the medium.

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