Water Color Painting

Easiest Techniques To Create Amazing Effects With Watercolours

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Unlimited Creations With Watercolours The pandemic and the lockdown are, in a positive way, bringing out the creativity and imagination in many people. Both adults and children alike are scrambling to fish out those long hidden paints, brushes and whatever they can find to satisfy the artist in them. With so much time available and so little to do, now […]

Water Color Painting Of A Village

Techniques To Make You An Expert With Watercolours

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Watercolours: A Tricky Medium Watercolours are perhaps the oldest form of paintings, dating back to centuries ago when man explored his creative side in caves and rocks in the paleolithic ages. Also known as aquarelle, ‘watercolour’ refers to both the medium and the art. Using watercolors is easy but it can also be tricky if you don’t know the right […]

Watercolor Painting

Simple Tricks On Getting Better At Watercolor Painting

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How To Make Watercolor Painting Simple? The reason watercolor painting seems difficult is fear. Once you overcome it, painting with watercolors is easy. Here are some fundamental tricks you can take to make the task simpler: Buy colors in tubes, not in pans. Stick to a limited range of artist quality paints. Six shades is a great place to start, […]