Space saver storage racks for paintings

For any museum & art collection, there is a constant need to store artworks. You can customize artwork storage to fit your art collection and meet the basic needs. They come in various configurations and materials to maximize storage in a small area. Reach out to steel rack manufacturers in Chennai ( to understand the different varieties of storage racks for an art gallery. Click here to know more about the different types of art storage systems.

How to Choose an Art Storage Rack?

Artwork storage is necessary to preserve your collection for as long as possible. When putting artwork into storage, it’s crucial to plan and keep everything organized. Artwork storage is necessary to keep your artwork safe from dust, light, and other hazards.

By providing security, you must implement visible storage for your artwork. Install heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems throughout the year to keep the temperature and humidity in the artwork storage area within a safe range.

An effective storage system must maximize the storage capacity while maintaining a small footprint, at the same time allowing you to make the most of the space available in your gallery or museum. Flat file drawers, removable trays, and double-hinged doors are available in cabinets for archival storage in museums.

Ways to Improve Art Organization

Museums worldwide are running out of storage space for their artwork collections and only show about 5% of their collection at any given time. This leads to the need for better storage facilities. Museums can save space by hanging paintings from storage screens, putting them on shelves, or stacking them vertically.

Large collections of artworks can be easily transported using framed artwork storage carts, and as they have dividers, they can be adjusted to keep the paintings upright. In museums and art galleries worldwide, wall-mounted racks keep artwork on display.

There are several advantages to using wall-mounted art racks to store framed artwork. You can save valuable floor space by utilizing an empty wall for storage. Wall-mounted hanging art panels are a storage system for framed paintings that keeps them upright and allows you to display them as per your choice.

Displayed Wall Painting above the staircase

Different Types of Art Storage Systems

  1. Wire mesh panels can store a lot of stuff while allowing easy viewing. They come in a non-reactive, solvent-free powder coat finish and can be wall-mounted or freestanding. Artwork carts save space and allow easy access to stored collections when retrieving items from storage. This helps to prevent damage and ensure safe handling.
  2. Portable storage units accommodate new art installation themes and avoid costly expansion.
  3. Retractable panel art found at the Donracks facility of storage racks Chennai allows you to store your artwork collections while saving space in your home. The panels slide out into the aisles on their own, leaving other panels unaffected by their movement.
  4. Framed art storage carts are a simple and effective way to keep your valuable collections safe, clean, and organized.
  5. Wire shelves are another storage system that allows light to pass through.
  6. Sanitary wire carts are used for storage and retracting in and out of the aisles to provide more flexibility.
  7. Framed artwork storage cubbies are designed to save space while protecting your valuable artwork. They support 250 pounds per shelf and can be adjusted vertically in 1 to 12″ increments.
  8. The pull-out art frame storage racks have been designed to maximize every available square inch of storage space while keeping your priceless artwork safe and protected. These are made of steel wire mesh mounted on an aluminium tubular & angle framework secured to the floor and gliding along quietly.
  9. Decorative framed artwork storage cubbies with steel partition dividers are perfect for storing valuable artwork and paintings in a small space. They are long-lasting and non-off-gassing, making them ideal for museums, art galleries, and other uses.

The Bottom-line
Art storage necessitates the creation of specific features in the storage solutions to prevent artwork damage. Art storage shelves come in various shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs. Artwork shelving is a versatile storage option for framed and unframed artworks of all sizes and shapes. It provides excellent visibility and can accommodate paintings of various heights.

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