3 Wall length paintings adorning the hallway of a dental clinic.

Is Art Required For Dentists?

It may seem odd to combine art and dentistry. However, the two have a lot in common. Studies have shown that merely viewing art can influence dentistry practice in multiple positive ways. This is why a renowned dentist established a course at one of the universities to teach dental students the importance of art to provide better patient care. Students are required to visit the Museum during their training. GSDM has even made participation in an art appreciation program a requirement for all first-year DMDs.

Throughout history, art has influenced dentistry in a way that has piqued the interest of dentists’ worldwide. In this article, a top dentist in Gowrivakkam¬†explains why viewing art could be such an important learning experience for dental students. Find out more on how art can be subtly incorporated into dental practices to enhance the experience for patients and dentists alike.

Arts In Dentistry

Art plays a role in dentistry. Studies have found that art can improve a dentist’s attention to detail and help improve the quality of their practice. Both science and art can work together to create something beautiful, and dental prosthetics is a good example of how science and art can work together to create something beautiful.

It is often found that simply entering a dental practice can cause stress among the patients. The very thought of painful procedures usually desists patients from visiting a dentist despite suffering from bad oral health. Art can help patients feel more comfortable in their dental practice by reducing their anxiety.

Hence, it’s important to create a calm and relaxing environment for your patients. Being artistic has its perks. You can choose calm, natural scenes in soft or natural colours to complement your decor in your dentist’s office and help offer a calming environment for your visiting patients.

The best dental clinic in Gowrivakkam believes that dentists who can strike a balance between art and science will always consider the long-term effects of their work. Here is how they incorporate art into their routine practice.

There is a huge poster of a woman smiling on the wall of a waiting room. The room has 2 chairs and a few shelves.

Incorporating Art Into Dental Practice

If you’re starting a dental practice, consider how you plan to display art on your walls and how it will help patients feel more relaxed. A study found that participants’ stress levels decreased after viewing art. It could immensely help patients with mild dental anxiety.

When choosing art for your dental practice, consider the type of artwork you want to use, the colours you want to use, and the style. Softer colours, soothing images, or gentle, abstract shapes may be appropriate for your art collection.

If you enjoy art in your doctor’s office, you must replicate that look for your dental practice as well. Dental practices can benefit from art by creating a soothing, comforting environment in dental practices. It can also help if you can find art that appeals to the greatest number of patients.

Art in pediatric dentistry

Children experience anxiety before dental treatment. To reduce their stress before a consultation, calming distractions such as colouring and drawing would be beneficial. Providing colouring pages, drawing materials, and simple drawing tutorials to young patients can significantly reduce their stress.

In pediatrics, teddy bears and Disney characters are commonly used. Art selections can have different effects on different children. Art that is touchable or that can be held helps children to relax during dental procedures. The amount of art you have for children will depend on how much your practice is geared toward children.

Dental anxiety among children can also be reduced through reassurance, positive reinforcement, and a pleasant chair-side manner. An art distraction is the most effective way to reduce dental anxiety and stress levels in kids.

A final note:

It has been proven that art can significantly reduce dental anxiety in adults as well as children. Make sure your dentist office is adorned with enough art to create a calm environment!

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