A Flower Basket - Craft Quilling

Amazing DIY Craft Quilling Projects Using Paper

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Unique and amazing Craft Quilling projects using paper showcases a much tougher outlook when in reality it is discovered as an easy craft. The complete process of quilling is actually more fun when the learning starts with simple and easy patterns chosen for beginners. Over the years many DIY methods and crafting processes have been learnt but paper quilling has […]

Multi Colored Christmas Toy Crafts Of Bears & Penguins.

Home Decor crafts for christmas

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Christmas is the time around which families come together for togetherness and memories. To make these meetings creative, you could set up a productive crafts event. Anyone and everyone could participate in making decorations to adorn the walls of your home. With a few materials lying around the house and inexpensive ones from the store, you could transform your beautiful […]

Colored Balloon Cocks.

Cool Crafts with balloons party ideas

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Are you looking for any fresh and unique designs to decorate your party hall? Then you are in the right place. This article takes you through some crazy crafts with balloons. Balloons are one of the most inexpensive and simple items that can be revamped into lavish decorations adding style, colour and flair to any events. Look at some of […]

Button Tress For Kids.

Attractive crafts with button

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Ever wondered why we call anything small and pretty as “cute as a button”? Well, the etymology may have come with no definitive guidance; there is no doubt that buttons have a charm of its own. If you have a collection of colourful buttons, follow this article for some beautiful DIY crafts with buttons. After going through all the crafty […]

Handicraft Of Indigenous People In Bali - Coconut Shell Carving.

Coconut shell crafts

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Coconut shells are an eco-friendly raw material that are quite easy to work on too. Since the availability is plenty in stock, there is no fear of running out of stock either! Creativity is the key to such spectacular craftworks. But when there is a block, a few of these ideas could spur your imagination and take your creativity to […]

An Elegant Coconut Shell Carving.

Coconut shell artistry

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Coconut shells have been part of art and crafts ever since the discovery of time. Adding aesthetic values while being purposeful is what is achieved by crafts. And this has become ever the easier with coconut shells as objects of artistry. Availability of material is one added advantage, along with the low cost in procurement which allows the artisans to […]