An Orange Colored Paint And Brush.

Painting for beginners-A complete know-how

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Beginners need to know many things before stepping into the complex world of art. From the inspiration, colour supplies to the techniques, painting is a world by itself. The article presents you with the six necessary steps you should acquaint with, before venturing into the magic world of creativity. Essential painting tips for beginners Step 1:- Know what inspired you […]

In A Chart, A Home Drawn And Painted By A Kid.

Top ten painting ideas for kids

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Are you an elementary school art teacher? Are you finding it challenging to manage a class full of an overly excited bunch of kids? Do you think twenty-five-minute long class duration is not enough to teach the young ones? Well, you can find solutions to all your queries in the following sections. How to teach kids to paint? The kids […]

Beautiful Pink Flowers Drawing

All The Painting Ideas On Paper You Need!

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Starting With The Basics Help A lot of us are art lovers, but few of us can afford masterpieces. But that shouldn’t hinder you at all. We say start with the basics. In other words, start painting at home. All you need is paint, brushes and of course paper and you’re all set to create art worthy of hanging on […]

A Large Tree Drawing In Canvas.

Painting Canvas: The 411 You Need To Get Going!

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What Is Canvas? Traditionally, canvas was used to make items such as sails, backpacks and tents because the heavy-duty fabric, which is plain-woven, is exceptionally sturdy. Canvas is also used by artists to paint or to make fashion items like shoes and handbags! The modern painting canvas that is stretched across a wooden frame is either made of linen or […]

A Chair Placed Infront Of The Wall Painted By Blue Color.

Need Some Painting On Wall Ideas? Get Started Here!

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Wall Painting Designs You Can Use! Painting on walls is a chore that few people like. But it need not be a task that takes all of your energy. By adding a fun design or an accent, you make the chore actually fun. Plus, you infuse your home with a conversation starter. More than that, painting on the wall can […]

Brown Colored Ceiling Painting Ideas

Colours Prevented During Painting Ideas for Ceiling And Wall

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Painting or re-painting a bedroom is not only a vital task but also makes it a permanent mistake if the choice of colour used is not the right one. It is important to understand that the colour chosen for the bedroom improves the overall aesthetics, design and perspective. This, in turn, will affect the complete mood when stayed in. The […]

Painting Ideas for Bedroom with Pink Color

Luscious Painting Ideas For Bedroom Using Specific Colours

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Every home has many purposeful rooms with the bedroom being one place for complete relaxation. Bedroom creates a refuge to have great peace of mind and aid in promoting some positive and tranquillizing vibrations. Using the right kind of colour to the bedroom can help accomplish a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Choosing colours that render a cooler shade will make […]

White Colored Miniatures

Try your hand at painting miniatures

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Toys have survived the test of time and tech everywhere. Human consciousness starts developing as children grow up. We evolve by slowly gripping objects and throwing them around. What begins as soft toys, to uniformly shaped objects like balls, slowly evolves to action figures. They get a taste of the superheroes who shield them through their lives. We all have […]

Rangoli Painting On The Floor

Art of painting rangoli painting

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A creative expression of art, the rangoli painting has survived generations to become a significant art form. Rangoli is typically designed outside the houses on auspicious occasions or to welcome guests who according to Indian traditions, are viewed next to god. Rangoli paintings instil positivity to the spectators, and creativity in the creators. Generally, painting rangoli is considered to bring […]

Oil Painting - Fruits

Learning To Use OIl Pastels The Right Way

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Oil Pastels : An Introduction For the beginner, a set of oil pastels would make no difference from a box of crayons. They look pretty much the same, some would say. So, what’s all the fuss about? Let’s get something sorted out before we go ahead with further details. How different are oil pastels from crayons? Oil pastels are a […]