Brown Colored Ceiling Painting Ideas

Painting or re-painting a bedroom is not only a vital task but also makes it a permanent mistake if the choice of colour used is not the right one. It is important to understand that the colour chosen for the bedroom improves the overall aesthetics, design and perspective. This, in turn, will affect the complete mood when stayed in. The bedroom is a space that is chosen for people to rest and relax after a long day. Thus, eliminating the certain choice of colours while planning the Painting ideas for ceiling and wall of the bedroom will be a wise choice providing a good environment rendering some peace and serenity.

Eliminate colours from similar family

  • Red

The minute one thinks of the colour red, the first thought that arises in the mind is the feeling of danger. The red colour is said to emote high levels of energy provoking certain feelings such as passion, excitement, anger, etc. These emotions are termed as inflammatory as they allow the mind to become very active and awake keeping the person awake during sleep time. If the requirement of red colour is a must in the room, then the suggestion would be to choose a lighter tone instead of the exposed one.

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  • Orange

Every colour speaks for itself and the use of orange gives the feel of entering a playroom for kids and not a bedroom to rest. Orange is also ideal to be used in yoga studios or place of exercise to acquire some positive radiance effect. Avoiding a colour like orange in the bedroom would be an apt choice and going for more pastel colours would bring out the room’s complete outlook in the right manner. Choosing a shade of orange such as peach could also work well for a bedroom.

Yellow Colored Ceiling Ideas.

  • Yellow

Stimulation of senses in the bedroom is not something that one would want while discussing painting ideas for ceiling or walls in a bedroom. The colour yellow gives a very sunny feeling which is much needed at the start of the day but not when one wants to unwind and relax after a whole day of hard work. Using the colour yellow will also make the person sleep deprived. It is best to either avoid the colour completely or use a muted tone.

Avoiding Brighter Tones in Painting Ideas for Ceiling and Wall

  • Dark Brown

The shades such as mink and dark brown or chocolate brown are trending when it comes to painting the interiors of homes but it’s not a good choice for a bedroom. It renders a very claustrophobic and dull mood to the complete room. It creates a sense of demotivation early mornings that can cause a great deal of emotional turmoil the whole day.

  • Lime Green

Painting ideas for ceiling and bedroom walls can include a shade of green such as seafoam, mint work, sage, etc., as it delivers a calming effect to the whole room. But using a lime green colour kills the tranquillity and creates more brightness and vibrance around the room. This colour will be good in other parts of the house such as the kitchen, living room, etc., but not the bedroom.

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