The is a community of people who are actively working to give voice to Art & Culture in the Indian subcontinent. In today’s dog eat dog world, people have started losing touch with their creative side as they try to win the rat race. The objective of this website, is to give people a chance to get in touch with their creative side. The team at holds exhibitions and workshops regularly to give the community a chance to indulge in the finer side of art. The workshops are often conducted by talented artists, photographers and sculptors to give beginner and amateurs an idea of how to get started. also plays a critical role in introducing art and culture to the local schools by holding weekly classes where kids get to indulge in an art form of their choosing. Photography seems to be a popular option these days especially with the ease of access to a digital camera or a camera phone. The professional photographers believe that it is not necessary to own expensive equipment t take fantastic photographs. This enables plenty of students to indulge in this creative art form.

The team behind also holds an annual fundraiser every year to help keep the community move forward. It also plays a huge role in the famous Kochi Biennale that is held once every two years. In fact, some of the artists have even had their sculptures set up permanently at the Biennale venue. Visit the gallery section of the website to have a deeper look into the different art forms offered by