A student doing some artwork on a canvas

Career In Fine Arts, Visual Arts & Performing Arts. All You Need To Know

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Fine arts are those that artists create to appreciate nature’s beauty or the things associated with nature. Fine arts includes videography, photography, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, poetry, literature, woodworking, pottery making, metal-smithing, jewelry designing, printmaking, decorative handicrafts, and other forms of visual arts. Students can enter the workforce in various fields after completing these courses. There is a fine arts college […]

3 children, one boy and two girls are drawing in their notebooks. Art supplies are kept in front of them.

How Can Arts & Crafts In Early Education Aid Holistic Growth?

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How Important Is Art Education In Schools? In times of adversity, art can be a source of solace. It provides children with a safe place to learn, experiment, and keep themselves entertained. Arts and crafts activities can increase children’s interest and allow them to develop their artistic abilities. Many of the top international school in Chennai (https://www.internationalvillage.org/) now include arts […]

3 Wall length paintings adorning the hallway of a dental clinic.

What Dentistry And Art Have In Common?

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Is Art Required For Dentists? It may seem odd to combine art and dentistry. However, the two have a lot in common. Studies have shown that merely viewing art can influence dentistry practice in multiple positive ways. This is why a renowned dentist established a course at one of the universities to teach dental students the importance of art to […]

Importance of fostering creativity in classroom

Why Creativity Is Important In Classroom?

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Role Of Creativity in Today’s Classroom: Good classrooms encourage creativity which is a critical component of children’s emotional growth. They also enhance the learning experience, make classes more engaging, and inspire innovative thinkers. Classes that incorporate some aspect of creativity or imaginative expression not only encourage but also facilitate student participation as they provide hands-on experiences in different educational settings. […]

An image representing a Muralist at work

Muralists: Paintbrush-Wielding Picaso’s Of Our Time. Steps to Become a Muralist?

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Muralists are like the paintbrush-wielding Picaso’s of our time, painting on walls and ceilings to make a lasting impression. They use creativity in their work by incorporating architectural elements into designs while they simultaneously beautifying spaces with artistry that will stand the test of time. A muralist is someone who creates large, eye-catching artwork for public spaces. Muralists must have […]

Image representing how art boosts productivity in office.

Can Office Art Help In Improving Productivity?

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Importance Of Productivity Productivity can be said as the lifeline of any business. As a business, it can help you provide a better service to your customers and clients if you get more productivity. These days, many employee monitoring tools are available to check your employee’s productivity, such as time tracker, task tracker, activity tracker, URL and app tracker, attendance […]

Interior Modern Living Room Workspace With Desk And Desktop Computer On Table.

Designing Your Home Office To Improve Your Productivity

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There used to be an era when remote working was reserved for salespeople who could work from their phones or computers when traveling to meet with customers. The business trips weren’t necessarily a desirable circumstance or chance to work in. And when their calendar was jammed with customer dinners and presentations, the salesperson could use their phone and laptop to […]

Photography Is An Art: True or False?

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Art is all about subjectivity, they say. The world seen through the eyes of the artist is passed through the prism of his or her unique life experience and rendered with exquisite artistic and technical skill on a canvas or a stage. Any work of art can be interpreted in a million ways, once again depending on the viewer’s worldview, […]

Bet You Never Knew These Photography Hacks Before!

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Think you have heard the last word on bizarre camera tricks that actually work? Well, think again! Here are five photography cheats and tricks that even professional photographers might not have heard before. They might sound a little out-of-the-world, but believe me, they get the job done! Add them to your repertoire and impress everyone with your mad shutterbug skills. […]