A Chair Placed Infront Of The Wall Painted By Blue Color.

Wall Painting Designs You Can Use!

Painting on walls is a chore that few people like. But it need not be a task that takes all of your energy. By adding a fun design or an accent, you make the chore actually fun. Plus, you infuse your home with a conversation starter. More than that, painting on the wall can work as a piece of art or a statement piece that you rarely see in other homes.

So, to get you started, here are ten ideas on painting on walls. Pick the one that suits your taste, and you think is easily doable, especially if it is DIY!

  • Ombre paint

In recent years, ombre walls have gained much popularity. Where you look in the design world, the ombre effect pops up. From wall paints to clothes to furnishing to art. If you want to give a wall the impact of a waterfall or a sunrise or sunset, then ombre painting on wall is your cup of tea. To paint the wall in gradient colours, first, clean the wall and then prep it. Once that is done, pick out the shades you want to use and then start painting on wall!

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  • Polka dot paint

The most common trend to an accent wall is to paint one side of the room in a colour quite different from the others. While there is nothing wrong with this, you can give the room a more cheerful and playful vibe by using polka dots painting on wall. The trick here is either use big, bold polka dots in a mix of colours or go subtle and small with tiny dots in one shade!

Wall Painting - Pink Color On The Wall In A White Background.

More Ideas For Wall Painting!

  • Watercolour paint

Achieving a watercolour painting look on a wall is not tough. With some basic steps, you can recreate a watercolour design on the accent wall. Try to use harmonious shades. They will not only inspire you but also give the most impressive outcome ever! The great thing about watercolour painting on walls is that it invites conversation by transforming simple brick and mortar into a piece of art.

  • Striped paint

Who knew that something as simple as vertical stripes painted on a wall could transform the look of a room completely? But it does. Whether you choose thin lines or thick ones, the wall painting ends in a superb result, and all you need to make them is tape. Stick the tape on the wall to get those straight lines and voila!

  • Solid paint

As mentioned before, using a different shade on one wall as compared to the rest of the room is a common painting on wall technique. The solid colour block method is a variation of it.

Instead of painting the whole wall in another tone, you paint just the middle of the wall as an accent. For example, a grey wall can have a purple colour block right at the centre. Creating the colour block is as simple as painting stripes. All you need is tape to make a shape, and then you paint the accent colour inside it!

The Last Few Stunning Wall Painting Designs!

  • Patterned paint

When people see a patterned painting on a wall, they think it is fancy. And it is, but it doesn’t take much effort. You can create a chevron or herringbone pattern using paint quite easily. Again, just use tape to make the correct blueprint on the wall and then get to painting it! Feel free to use as many shades as you like!

  • Chalkboard paint

Have little ones at home who love scribbling on walls? Well, we’ve got the best painting on wall idea for you then. Choose a wall that’s easily accessible and then convert it into a chalkboard. The blackboard paint will not only give the room an excellent new look, but also the freedom to draw on it when you want! And when you get tired of the chalk drawing, wipe it off and make a new one!

  • Half paint

This painting on wall design is one that catches the eye in an instant. Use bold colour like magenta and paint just half the wall. Start from the ground up until the middle of the wall. Leave the rest of the wall a creamy white. It creates an accent wall that really stands out!

Use any of these ideas for painting on walls and in a matter of hours your home will have a breath of fresh air to it. If you are a beginner, the advice is to start with an easy painting on wall design!

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