Water Color Painting

Easiest Techniques To Create Amazing Effects With Watercolours

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Unlimited Creations With Watercolours The pandemic and the lockdown are, in a positive way, bringing out the creativity and imagination in many people. Both adults and children alike are scrambling to fish out those long hidden paints, brushes and whatever they can find to satisfy the artist in them. With so much time available and so little to do, now […]

Water Color Painting Of A Village

Techniques To Make You An Expert With Watercolours

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Watercolours: A Tricky Medium Watercolours are perhaps the oldest form of paintings, dating back to centuries ago when man explored his creative side in caves and rocks in the paleolithic ages. Also known as aquarelle, ‘watercolour’ refers to both the medium and the art. Using watercolors is easy but it can also be tricky if you don’t know the right […]

Multi Colored Wall In A House.

Tips for choosing the best paint colors for your house

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Colors give your room life. They describe the emotions of the people that it accommodates. It is quite interesting to know that the right paint colors can change the look and feel of the room without having to spend on costly interiors. And hence, it is crucial to select the right colors for your rooms. Decide on what feel you […]

Nature Painting - A View Of Autumn Season

Seven top tips for painting an excellent nature painting

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Landscape drawings may be the most natural inspiration to follow for any beginners. The art can be created as simple as it can be as well as complicated. The article is a compilation of seven best tips that a beginner can follow to create the best natural paintings. How to create the best nature paintings? Emphasize the focal points Your […]

Beautiful Sunrise Painting

Nature paintings and the easy ways to do it

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Nature paintings are timeless. A nature painting is typically a representation of natural scenery like mountains, trees, rivers, animals, and forests that are adored by all alike. Nature’s beauty is boundless. No wonder great artists like Claude Monet to Vincent van Gogh favored nature in almost all their paintings. Nature paintings are pleasing to the patron’s eyes and can easily […]

Spray Painting Of A Tree,

Awesome DIY Spray-painting ideas

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If you think that your garden bench needs some serious mending or your walls need a creative finish, then you have come to the right place. This article takes you through some of the most refreshing ideas that you would have least imagined. From revamping your old boots to giving your canisters a fresh look, you can come across some […]

Spray painting Of An Eye

All you need to know about spray painting

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Spray painting is the solution for all your DIY painting woes: whether it is your ageing garden bench that needs a revival or the shutter design that requires a change or your kid’s enormous project that needs a quick painting, spray painting is the way to get the art done faster. To hide flaws or to make an artistic impression, […]

Three Painted Glasses Placed On The Table

Easy glass painting ideas for you

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With a few materials, anyone and everyone could start working with crafts. The difficulty level often varies from amateur to professional, depending on the materials to work rather than the skills within a person. To begin glass painting, one needs only a beginner’s knowhow of brushes, paints and glass materials. If you have expertise in using these, then it is […]

Glass Painting On The Wall.

A Beginners Guide On Glass Painting.

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Glass Painting: The Right Tools Are Critical! There is much truth in the statement that when you are doing a craft at home, the tools and material you use can define the success of the project. When it comes to glass painting, this fact is even truer. Someone who has never ventured into glass painting will be surprised to know […]

Watercolor Painting

Simple Tricks On Getting Better At Watercolor Painting

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How To Make Watercolor Painting Simple? The reason watercolor painting seems difficult is fear. Once you overcome it, painting with watercolors is easy. Here are some fundamental tricks you can take to make the task simpler: Buy colors in tubes, not in pans. Stick to a limited range of artist quality paints. Six shades is a great place to start, […]