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Nature paintings are timeless. A nature painting is typically a representation of natural scenery like mountains, trees, rivers, animals, and forests that are adored by all alike. Nature’s beauty is boundless. No wonder great artists like Claude Monet to Vincent van Gogh favored nature in almost all their paintings. Nature paintings are pleasing to the patron’s eyes and can easily win over the greatest of art mavens. Nature paintings not only provide an aesthetic appeal to the onlookers but can also benefit them in a variety of ways. Let us go through some of the benefits of nature paintings and a few tips for creating a beautiful one with ease.

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Nature paintings and their benefits

From thick rainforests to barren deserts, nature provides abundant means of inspiration for the artists. Different artists imitate nature’s vivid landscapes onto the canvas invariably in different ways. River scapes, seascapes, cloudscapes, etc. are also the sub categories that make up the nature paintings. Apart from the beauty aspect, nature paintings do give the onlookers a few benefits. It is found that nature paintings have an incredibly soothing effect on the beholders’ mind than looking at photographs of the same. Well, that might be because of the appreciation one has for the artist who has captured nature’s beauty so intricately.

Nature Painting Of A Path Towards Forest

The modern world is so busy that they hardly have any time to appreciate the beauty of nature. The nature paintings are the way of inspiring the onlookers to preserve their beautiful environment. The pictures can also serve as art souvenirs. Stunning landscapes by native artists can also inspire travelers from other parts of the world to travel there. Nature paintings are also an excellent source for a documentary or educational purposes that show the natural grandeur of a region.

If the benefits mentioned above have inspired you to draw a nature painting, you should go ahead by keeping in mind a few tips that are mentioned in the following section.

Beginner’s tips for easy nature painting

Most of the novices start by creating nature paintings. Though each of them depicts their version of nature’s beauty in their creation, a few tips can help you to bring out the best.

  • Focus only on the aspect that you desire to include and decide where to draw the primary elements
  • Wet your canvas with the paintbrush with oil paint or gesso.
  • Begin with light shades and later advance to darker shades.
  • Blending the colors will make the nature painting look soft.
  • Outline the objects that you feel important
  • Complete the painting the foreground and background objects

So, why wait? Follow these simple steps and become a world-renowned artist.

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