Craft Quilling - Flower Basket

Craft Quilling: Lovely Patterns For Beginners

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What Is Craft Quilling? Craft quilling or paper quilling is art made of thin strips of paper. For it, colored paper is used, rolled and pinched into the correct shape and finally glued in a specific pattern to make a gorgeous design. Craft quilling is an easy hobby because all you need is paper in different shades and glue to […]

A Flower Basket - Craft Quilling

Amazing DIY Craft Quilling Projects Using Paper

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Unique and amazing Craft Quilling projects using paper showcases a much tougher outlook when in reality it is discovered as an easy craft. The complete process of quilling is actually more fun when the learning starts with simple and easy patterns chosen for beginners. Over the years many DIY methods and crafting processes have been learnt but paper quilling has […]