Handicraft Of Indigenous People In Bali - Coconut Shell Carving.

Coconut shells are an eco-friendly raw material that are quite easy to work on too. Since the availability is plenty in stock, there is no fear of running out of stock either! Creativity is the key to such spectacular craftworks. But when there is a block, a few of these ideas could spur your imagination and take your creativity to levels you have never been! The best part is that anyone can try these crafts with coconut shell ideas with a few tools right at the comfort of your home.

Accessorize Your Home

A coconut shell accessory that will serve a lot of purpose and aesthetic would be an ashtray. The design is straightforward and uses the coconut shell as a store for the cigarette ash. Cut the coconut shell in two-thirds and use the small portion to attach below the ashtray as support legs. The top part needs to get profiled using sandpaper for smoothness. Cut the indentations equidistantly on the rim for holding the cigarette butts. Glue them together along with any decorations as needed. Keep in mind that the ashtray has to be fireproof in itself to avoid any hazards. To protect the dry coconut shell from the risk of fire, you should use a safe paint to layer over it.

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Elegantly Simple Designs To Impress

The simplest crafts with coconut shell design idea is of a scooter. With a few coconut shells, a saw and glue, you could make a stunning moto-scooter model. Get a picture of a moped scooter for your reference, plan and draw your outlines on the coconut shell and cut it out using the saw. Once the requisite layout is ready, you could glue them all together and finish it with a touch of paint.

Distinctly Brought To The Table

Another idea to craft with coconut shells would be to make a teapot. Use a simple pitcher layout. The method is the same to cut the outline and glue it together and finish it with paint.

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