Creative Crafts Jewelry By Pop Tops

Creating beautiful Crafts Jewellery using some very common Do-it-yourself methods have become a very interesting and creative art work amongst varied age groups. By using simple tools, transforming soda can pop-tops into elegant bracelets by stringing them together is exquisite.

Tools and Materials Required for DIY Crafts Jewellery Bracelets

  • 20 number of Soda can pop-tops that are removed carefully without any damage, cleaned and washed.
  • 2 numbers of Elastic cord that measures a length of 12” each.
  • A few binder clips that are small in size.
  • Decorative beads that can be added for beautification if required.

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Once the above list of materials is sourced, it is to be made sure that the pop-tops used are even in number. One should also make sure that the ring that is in the centre of the pop-top is removed. Every face of the pop-top has a hard side and a soft side. The hard side needs to be intercalated so that the smooth side touches the skin while one wears the DIY Crafts Jewellery Pop-top Bracelet.

DIY Crafts Jewelry Bracelet Isolated In White background.

Do-It-Yourself Crafts Jewellery Bracelet Methodology

1.The two elastic cords are taken by length and the left ends of the two cords are clipped together using a binder clip leaving some distance between them parallelly.
2.Two number of pop-top tabs are taken and overlapped with the hard side facing each other inside and smooth sides facing outside. The top hole of the tab is stringed to the top elastic cord in front to back manner and then the same cord is pulled back to front through the holes that are overlapped. The same process is followed for the bottom hole alongside the bottom elastic cord length.
3.Once they are secure, the pop-top tabs are pulled to the left end where the two lengths of the elastic cords are bound using clips and placed half-inch away from them.
4.The third tab is placed right next to the first tab with the hard face inside. The top elastic cord is run through the second and third pop-top tab’s bottom overlap holes in a front to back manner. The bottom elastic cord is then placed on top overlap holes. Doing so will create a crisscross effect of the elastic cords. It is significant to make sure the pop-top tabs are secured and close to each other.
5.The whole setting is now flipped over and the fourth tab is placed on top to the third tab and next to the second tab with the hard side facing in. The top elastic cord is pulled through the top overlapped hole in a front to back manner of the third and fourth pop-tops. The bottom elastic is then sent through the top overlapped holes.
6.Again the bracelet chain is flipped over and a fifth tab is placed next to the third and the same procedure followed while placing the third tab and the fourth tab is followed.

Building the DIY Craft Jewellery Bracelet

7.Pop-top tabs are added in such a way that the DIY Craft Jewellery Bracelet will have a crisscross of elastic cord on one side and parallel pattern on the other.
8.Once the 20 tabs are added, the length of the bracelet is measured by wrapping it around the wrist to gauge if the tabs are enough or should more be added.
9.The bracelet is then bent and the ends are connected to close the chain and keep them together by overlapping the left and right ends and securing them. The binder clip is removed from the left end and the elastic cords are overlapped into the holes to finish the product by tying and cutting off the excess elastic cord.

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