Diwali lamp Made From Clay.

Clay for Sculpting crafts for diwali

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Diwali is the time for showing off your creative edges by redecorating and creating new artworks for good times’ sake. It could be an object to be used on an auspicious occasion. Or something to remember the colours and lights of the festivities. Clay modelling is the most plastic way of creating a salient piece of art and craft. Choosing […]

Folded Colorful Diwali Lamps.

Home Decor crafts for diwali

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Every year around the time of Diwali, it is a tradition to bring out the lights and Rangolis. But what if it could be given a twist of alteration and introduced new elements. That is something that could spark up even a new tradition to excite everyone all the more. The lanterns, diyas, fireworks all are time tested celebration elements, […]

Handmade Jewelry For Your Loved One.

Creative Crafts For Your Loved Ones

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Gift Your Friends Handmade Jewellery Gifts can enlighten our hearts. It is an art to find the right gift for your loved ones. If you have girl pals, then give these perfect hand made jewelleries. With the right tools and materials, create the perfect jewellery for your friends. You can make bangles, earrings and more with things you can gather […]

A Ball Made Up Of Grey Colored Wool.

The Umpteen Other Ways To Use a Ball of Wool

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Beyond Knitting And Crocheting With a plethora of choices of wool that is now available, thanks to online shopping, it’s time to unravel what else you can do with them. Wool comes in a myriad of hues. You can buy them in multi colors, ombre shades, pastel shades, outrightly daring neon shades and what not! They also come in varying […]

Balloon And Cloud In The Blue Sky With Paper Art Design.

Some fun, excellent crafts with balloons.

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If you have decided to do crafts with balloons like hot air balloons for your science project, you have arrived on the right page. A hot air balloon consists of a basket, a fuel source and an envelope that is the balloon part. We will teach you how to develop an envelope using super light wear trash and also how […]

Pretty Button Bracelets For Kids.

2 Simple Ways to Make Button Bracelets

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Do you have packs of buttons that are not being used in your sewing basket? Well, in this blog, let us discuss how to make beautiful crafts with buttons. We have shared a few methods to make bracelets using buttons. You can follow any method you prefer and convert your colorful buttons into attractive bracelets. Are you ready to explore […]

Braclet Made By Drinking Straws.

Single Use Plastics – Put To Good Use

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Plastic Debris And Its Effect Accumulation of plastic waste has made a toll on the environment, ocean, waterways and wildlife. Most of the plastic debris is dumped in the ocean. A recent study has revealed that marine wildlife is now feeding on these plastics and now suffer from various diseases including reduced ability to swim. The plastic in fish and […]

Cute Little Brush Holders Made By Plastic Bottles.

Plastic – How Best Can You Recycle

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Plastic Pollution, An Adversity World Over Plastic is inexpensive, durable and hence production and human use is high. Mankind uses plastics in myriad ways. It is in our kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and offices. Once used, plastics are simply discarded as it cannot be recycled effectively. Plastics are non biodegradable and it takes about 1000 years to degrade. Due to these […]