Braclet Made By Drinking Straws.

Plastic Debris And Its Effect

Accumulation of plastic waste has made a toll on the environment, ocean, waterways and wildlife. Most of the plastic debris is dumped in the ocean. A recent study has revealed that marine wildlife is now feeding on these plastics and now suffer from various diseases including reduced ability to swim. The plastic in fish and whales is now consumed by humans and is now the cause of cancer, neurological damage, multiple organ damage and more.

Most of the plastic debris are single use plastics like plastic bags, water bottles, straw, toys, packaging cases and more. Instead of ending up in landfills or ocean, one must learn to make good use of single use plastics. Let’s see how we can make crafty items out of straw.

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Craft With Straws

If you have straws, scissors, different colors of yarn, and tape you can come up with a beautiful bracelet that kids can use. Based on the width of the bracelet decide on the number of straws. Cut the straws length wise based on the wrist of the child. Tape the two ends of the straw. This will hold them together. Take strings from the yarn that is double the length of straw. Number of strings should be equal to the number of straws.

Tie the strings together in one knot and take them into the straws from one end to the other. Now, take another string of a different color. Tie it to the first straw and start weaving the string. It should be over the first straw, under the next and in the opposite direction it is under the first straw and over the next. Complete the loop till the end of the straw. Double knot the thread and pull it together. Slowly remove the straws. Your bracelet is ready to use.

Reducing The Usage Of Single Use Plastic

Plastic is like a toxic magnet and reduced usage of single use plastic will help the world become a better place. You can always avoid using straws while restaurants encourage others to do so. Consume less plastics that will reduce plastic wastes. Plastic straws are small yet dangerous as it can easily get eaten by fish and end up in their tummy. It is indeed a great challenge to recycling plastics without it ending in landfills and ocean. Banking plastics of all kinds and finding innovative use of existing plastics is the only way out to reduce carbon footprint caused by plastics.

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