Cute Little Brush Holders Made By Plastic Bottles.

Plastic Pollution, An Adversity World Over

Plastic is inexpensive, durable and hence production and human use is high. Mankind uses plastics in myriad ways. It is in our kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and offices. Once used, plastics are simply discarded as it cannot be recycled effectively. Plastics are non biodegradable and it takes about 1000 years to degrade. Due to these factors plastic debris is mounting world over. Plastic wastes affect land, oceans and other waterways. There are over 8.8 million tonnes of plastic waste dumped into the ocean.

Plastics are of three forms, micro, mega and macro plastics. Micro plastics used in cosmetics and detergents have harmful effects when entering the human body through consumption. Mega and macro plastics are found in its original form even after discarding. Plastic bottle is an example of macro plastic. When discarded, the plastic bottles do not lose their original form. Plastic bottles are the most used and discarded plastic item in the world. It is not easy to recycle the. You need to give whole new purpose to its existence. Plastic bottles and crafts can combine to form a heady mix.

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Creative Crafts With Plastic Bottles

You must be creative enough to find ways and means by which one can repurpose plastic bottles. It is simple yet intuitive. A few examples are discussed here. Use plastic bottles to create cute character containers that can decorate the outdoors. Take 2 litre plastic bottles, cut the top part and small part in the front of the bottle. Visualize a character and decorate the bottle. Fill it with confectionaries and use it for outdoor parties. Plastic bottles flower-like bottoms can be used to create pretty floral patterns, setting together numerous bottles to make curtains or gorgeous spring wreaths.

Turn your used plastic bottles into pet feeders. Choose two thick plastic bottles. Cut two parts from the body of one bottle. Fill the second bottle with pet feed and insert it to the second outlet of the first bottle. Give it a shake so the pet feed comes out of the first outlet. Make beautiful jewellery stand with the bottom part of plastic bottles. Take a metal rod and pierce it through the cut bottom half. Place it equidistant and screw it up. The bottom halves of the plastic bottles can be used to make plastic bowls. Decorate the outer region to make beautiful bowls.

Multi Colored Bowls Mady By Plastic Bottle Bottom Halves.

Cut out the plastic bottles into two and give it a different look with unconventional cuts and paintings. Turn them into flower pots, vases, pencil holders, toothbrush holders, any such thing you can imagine. Create a character like an owl or a cat out of these bottles and use it as indoor decors. Make a beautiful nest out of these bottles and hang it in the garden or near the window so birds can nest. Make a wide outlet on the body, fill the inside with straws, decorate it with paint and other crafts.

Plastic Bottles In Creative Avatars

Plastic can be put to use to save energy. Create an air cooler out of plastic bottles and have an energy saving environment at home. Cut a piece of board to the size of a window in your bedroom. Drill holes in sequential order. Gather as many bottles as the holes, cut the bottom and insert it into the holes. Secure them with the caps and hang it on the window. Convert used plastics into greenhouse. It takes a huge effort and several plastics to make a big greenhouse. Traditional greenhouses are quite expensive. Make eco friendly structures at a cost and energy much less than the traditional ones.

Make a beautiful phone holder for charging. Instead of throwing away the powder tin, lotion and shampoo bottles make such beautiful phone holders and use it while charging them. Take a bottle and cut out the front half and shape the back half into a holder. Paint and decorate it to give it a great look. Make custom made ottoman furniture out of old plastic bottles. Bind together several bottles and tape them one set after another and combine them with a fabric of your own. Such products can give a whole new purpose for plastic bottles and can inspire you to get more ideas.

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