Beautiful Colred Flower Wash With Plastic Water Bottles.

Plastic And The Waste It Forms

Plastic is an inseparable part of our lives. Be it at home, office or while travelling. It is in the form of containers in the kitchen, chairs, tables, shelves, hangers, toothbrushes, plastic bottles and more. Plastic has become a topic of discussion among world leaders of all countries. Point of contention is how to control plastic pollution. Accumulation of plastic waste is called plastic pollution. The non-biodegradable particles in plastic act as pollutants and affect the environment.

As per statistics, plastic bottles are the most used and discarded plastics in the whole world. It is calculated that the world uses and discards approximately 100 million plastic bottles and from this 80% become non biodegradable waste. It leaves a significant carbon footprint and takes a huge toll on the environment and health. It takes three times the amount of water a plastic bottle can hold to manufacture it. The plastic bottles are tough to recycle and take 1000 years to biodegrade and generate toxic fumes when incinerated. The best way is to reuse and repurpose plastic bottles instead of recycling.

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Crafts With Plastic Bottles

When you have an empty plastic bottle don’t discard it away. Collect them and turn it into something useful. This will save the environment. One you start finding ways to reuse plastic bottles you are sure to come up with something creative. There are plenty of fresh ideas to create crafts with plastic bottles. A few ideas are discussed here. Can you turn your plastic bottle into a zipper case? You don’t need a sewer. Take two plastic bottles, cut the top half from one and bottom most part from the other. Attach the bottom part with the second half of the first bottle with a zipper glued to them.

Make your own sprinklers for your garden. Do you have a 2 litre soft drink bottle? Poke holes all over the bottle, insert a hose into the mouth of the bottle and seal it with a tape. Turn on the tap and your homemade sprinkler is ready. Do you have a lot of birds that visit your garden? Then it is time to set up a bird feeder. You can make your own bird feeders with your plastic bottle. Make holes of an inch wide and insert wooden spoons into the holes. Fill the bottle with grains, close it and hang the bottle in the garden.

Cute Little Girl Colored Her DIY Water Bottles.

Collect plastic bottle caps and create a beautiful artwork out of it. Collect as many colourful caps. Sketch a beautiful art on a canvas and fill it with bottle caps. Your mosaic art is ready to be used as a wall hanger. Want to make a piggy bank out of your bottle. Take a plastic bottle and cut it into three parts. Glue the first and third part. Make hole, use bottle caps to make legs and nose. Spray paint and decorate it with artwork.

Creativity At Its Best

Let your creativity go wild un repurposing plastic bottles. Make excellent storage containers out of old plastic bottles. It is easy and you can save a lot of money. Cut out the top part of a bottle and remove the bottom part of another bottle and use it as a cap of the container. Do you have a garden that requires drip irrigation? Think no further than the plastic bottles that can be reused with little effort. Take a 2 litre bottle, make two holes on the cap and hang it upside down above the plant or plant the bottles next to the plant.

Want to organize your newspapers, magazines, letters? You plastic bottles to create excellent racks. Use your tape, scissors and paint to mount bottles one after the other creatively to hold and organize stuff. Use plastic bottles to create a vertical garden. Space is a constraint in urban cities. Plastic bottles can come to our Rescue. Select bottles that are thick and durable like soft drink bottles. Cut open one side of the bottle and fill it with mud and saplings. Now, tie together five to six bottles and hang it vertically.

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