Diwali lamp Made From Clay.

Diwali is the time for showing off your creative edges by redecorating and creating new artworks for good times’ sake. It could be an object to be used on an auspicious occasion. Or something to remember the colours and lights of the festivities. Clay modelling is the most plastic way of creating a salient piece of art and craft. Choosing the right quality of clay makes all the difference. Let’s discuss a few different varieties of clays and how they are better for the job in making clay models that could stand out as unique figures, each with a story of its own to tell.

Professional Level Sculpting

The top player in a professional level finish is – “Polyform Sculpey Super Sculpturing Compound.” This clay could help in making crafts for diwali as they are known to last the trial of time and harshness. They are versatile, very safe and hence makes children-friendly as well. The clay has a beige brown tint to it and can get painted over simply, or even the natural colouring suits the purpose well. It comes off as a semi-translucent finish when drying off and thus could be made into pieces like glass. Since the clay dries off as a surface, it may glue other things into it directly. The clay could make structures such as diya lamps, complex design candle holders, beautifully sculpted deities, strong looking candle burners and much much more. “You are only bound by the phantoms of your imagination,” as wisely said about the possibilities of creative minds.

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Premium Sculptures, Vases, Bowls

A Premium clay that could be put to making bowls, sculptures, or vases is – “Aurora Sculpting and Molding Premium Air-Dry Clay.” Being very safe it is recommended for children too and could be used in pottery classes as well being a very top end performer. It has its instinctive grey colouring that makes it fun to work with. It should be baked owing to the less time it takes over air drying. Being soft in nature, this is best suited for making sculpture crafts for diwali that need very intricate detailing to be inscribed upon. The use of safe materials and high malleability makes working with it a delight in itself. This could help in making those beautifully unique diyas. Lamp holders or Lanterns that house a space for keeping a light wick or a candle could also take its form from this very easy to work with element of work.

For Those Quick Fixes

Another flexible to work with clay is – “AMACO Air Dry Clay”. It has a fast action on the drying time. It is really soft and could be played around to make minute adjustments and finite touches to already finished sculpture crafts for diwali that are already worked on. This could help in the final touches. From the sculpture of deities, detailing the facial features, jewelry, clothing and accessories could be done with intricate detail using this material. And in case of any chipping of the original sculpture during transportation and what-not, this one clay could turn out as a lifesaver. Put it on the pottery wheel and it could show out its very fluid nature of “taking the shape of anything it contacts”. Although, it requires a little bit of water to make it smoother for the pottery wheel. But that is one flaw that may be overlooked for the flexibility, malleability and fluidity that it has in offer within itself.

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