Balloon And Cloud In The Blue Sky With Paper Art Design.

If you have decided to do crafts with balloons like hot air balloons for your science project, you have arrived on the right page. A hot air balloon consists of a basket, a fuel source and an envelope that is the balloon part. We will teach you how to develop an envelope using super light wear trash and also how to use birthday candles for fuelling your balloon. Adult supervision is mandatory for this craftwork. As the project involves using birthday candles, you need to be careful when working with the open flame. Most young children make the mistake of putting their faces near while blowing out the candles. Ensure to do this craft away from flammable liquids. If possible, keep a smothering method or fire extinguisher nearby at all times.

What do you require for hot air balloons?

  • Sufficient indoor space
  • Common sense and adult supervision
  • Lighter
  • Clear tape
  • Plastic straws
  • Thin garbage bag
  • Scissors
  • Birthday candles
  • Aluminum foil
  • String

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What do you do?

Take the Aluminium foil and cut it into a 4×4” square. It is the basket.

With the help of lighter, melt wax from the candle’s bottom end. Thus it creates a pool of 1” from the end of the foil.

You have to press the candle’s end before the wax gets hard. Press and hold it in such a way until the candle stands on its own. You may require a few tries.

Repeat the same with the other candles. You have to position them 1“ inside from the remaining three corners.

Ensure to handle baskets smoothly. When there is too much jostling, it can dislodge the candles.

Next, fold foil for about ¼ to ½ inch, creating a wall to hold the wax when it burns. This will not cause the candle to melt outside the box.

Determine the width of the bag’s opening. Find how long the straw frame needs to be. We have roughly estimated and tried until the frame sets inside the opening of the bag.

Hot Air Balloon Patter With Paper Crafts.

If you are using flexible straws, ensure to cut the bendable part. This way, only the straight part remains.

You have to join the straws in two parts of the same length to create the frame.

To join the straws, make a small slit at the end of a straw. Now, insert another straw hooked on the slit. You can see the slit making a strong connection. However, it is good to secure using a small tape for extra rigidity.

Do the same step for the frame’s second half.

Find the center portion of the straws, tape them in X again utilizing the small tape.

Stagger the candles and the straw frame. This way, the candles will not be straight above the straws. Use the candle wicks and tape the basket on the frame pointing up within the envelope.

It is best to get help from adults to launch the balloon. One person should hold the closed part of the bag while the other should light the candles. You have to keep holding the bag until the air gets filled and stands on its own.

Tricks and tips for hot air balloons

In some cases, the balloon will be filled but not lift because of heaviness. You need to cut the candles in half, cautiously taking the wax to disclose the wick. Do not cut the candle completely. It should be cut partially. Use blades to remove the wax and expose the wick.

It is recommended to use skinniest candles instead of using traditional birthday candles.

Other crafts to try with balloons

Some of the other amazing crafts with balloons are button bowls, forming a cloud using balloons, tree branch lights, chocolate cups by dipping balloons in chocolate, masons jars dipped in balloons, artistic magazine bowls, rainbow balloon arch, ninja stress balls, etc.

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