Waste management is one of the vital matters of concern in recent years. Waste mainly affects the environment as it causes land, air and water pollution. Re-use of waste is an excellent idea as it reduces the harmful environmental impact. Several high-level recycling units that process the waste stuff and convert into a form which can be used for other purposes. Simple waste like old CDs, plastic bottles etc. can be reused at home. It can be used for creating beautiful crafts and other home utility stuff. Recycling certain degradable and non-degradable waste is a great initiative that helps to create a better place to live in. Children can be encouraged to get involved in craftwork with the use of waste materials available in their home. The following lists some of the innovative and DIY ideas that help to make the best out of the waste. The following ideas would help kids to engage their time in a productive and useful manner.

Types of Waste

Wastes can be categorized into three common types.

Organic Waste: This includes kitchen wastes, flowers, leaves etc. that can be decomposed easily.

Toxic Waste: This type of waste mainly includes medical wastes, chemicals, fertilizers, sprays, bulbs, batteries etc.These are harmful wastes as it can spoil the land cover and the surrounding environment.

Recyclable waste: Most of the ordinary household wastes are recyclable. This includes plastics, glasses, paper etc. Recyclable waste would be the perfect choice for reuse. It can be used for creating crafts, accessories and other useful stuff.

List of Innovative Craft Ideas From Waste

The following are some of the creative craft ideas that can be done from waste materials available at home.

Icecream Stick Bookmarks: Used ice-cream sticks are excellent waste stuff that can be used for creating crafts and accessories. Beautiful bookmarks can be made with the help of ice cream sticks. You may require glue, felt pens and ribbons. Decorate the ice-cream stick with colourful ribbons and draw attractive figures on it.

Snowman Using Socks: You would have several used socks lying useless in your cupboard. It can be used for creating an adorable snowman. You may need sesame seeds, rubber bands, buttons, pins and scissors to make a cute looking snowman. Firstly cut the socks and fill them with sesame seeds. The round bottom base can be closed with a rubber band. Place a rubber band on the top for the head structure. Buttons can be stuck on the belly of the snowman. The other portion of the sock can be used as a hat for the snowman.

Bottle Vase From Bottles: Used glass bottles and plastic bottles can be used to create beautiful vases. You would require masking tape and paint for this DIY craft idea. Firstly clean the bottle and paint it with your favourite colour. Decorative patterns can be made on the bottles using masking tapes. Place flowers inside the bottle to make it look like a beautiful flower vase.

Lanterns From Tins: Empty soda cans can be used to make attractive lanterns for decorating your home. Hammer, nail, wire, lights and paints are required for this DIY craft project. The can must be frozen with water. Two holes are placed on the tin where the wire is attached for hanging the tin. The tin can be painted with vibrant colours to make it look attractive. Use candles or lights to make them look like lanterns.

Popsicle Photo Frame: this is a simple DIY craft idea that can be done with used ice cream popsicles. Firstly paint the popsicles and stick them in your desired shape. This looks like a photo frame where you can stick your favorite photos and hang them in your living room.

WindMill From Paper Cups: A paper cup can be transformed into a model of a windmill. This can be done as an easy science project by your kids. Place two paper cups one upon another so that it looks like a tower. Create a pinwheel using paper and attach it on the top. Now your windmill model is ready.

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