Beautiful Colred Flower Wash With Plastic Water Bottles.

Plastic – A Curse That Can Be A Blessing

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Plastic And The Waste It Forms Plastic is an inseparable part of our lives. Be it at home, office or while travelling. It is in the form of containers in the kitchen, chairs, tables, shelves, hangers, toothbrushes, plastic bottles and more. Plastic has become a topic of discussion among world leaders of all countries. Point of contention is how to […]

Newspaper Rose Placed On The Table.

Simple and creative craft ideas

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Paper crafts or origami is one of the best things to show your child. It is best to use old newspapers instead of using fresh color papers for the crafts. These newspaper crafts entertain and also assists in developing creativity and fine motor skills. Amazing and creative newspaper craft ideas We have shared a list of crafts with how to […]

Beautiful Gray Colored Flower Bouquet With Newspapers

Simple Newspaper Craft Ideas for your Kids

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If you are thinking of using the newspaper differently, here is some information you should make use of. Select the best ways to make beautiful crafts with your daily newspaper. We hope you can follow and do the craft on your own. Beautiful flower bouquet with newspapers: It is simple to make flowers using newspapers. The best part is it […]

Handicraft Of Indigenous People In Bali - Coconut Shell Carving.

Coconut shell crafts

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Coconut shells are an eco-friendly raw material that are quite easy to work on too. Since the availability is plenty in stock, there is no fear of running out of stock either! Creativity is the key to such spectacular craftworks. But when there is a block, a few of these ideas could spur your imagination and take your creativity to […]

An Elegant Coconut Shell Carving.

Coconut shell artistry

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Coconut shells have been part of art and crafts ever since the discovery of time. Adding aesthetic values while being purposeful is what is achieved by crafts. And this has become ever the easier with coconut shells as objects of artistry. Availability of material is one added advantage, along with the low cost in procurement which allows the artisans to […]

Colorful Paddle Boat Made From Icecream Sticks.

Getting Creative with the Simple Ice Cream Stick

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Cool Crafts With Ice Cream Sticks: Making a Paddle boat There are a plethora of things one can craft with ice cream sticks. Made of lightweight wood, these sticks have helped to unleash the creativity of children across ages. Strong and durable, these sticks can be easily put together to create pretty and useful objects. The paddle boat is something […]

An Image Of Beautiful Pencil Holder Made By Icecream Sticks

Easy Craft With Ice Cream Sticks

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Making an Ice Cream Stick Pencil Holder: Things You Need The simple stick that holds an ice cream or popsicle is versatile in more ways that you can think of. Made of lightweight wood, this stick is easily available in most stationery shops and outlets. A single packet will contain hundreds of sticks that can be used to make numerous […]

A Simple Basket For Things Holder made By Newspaper.

How To Transform Old Newspapers Into Objects of Art

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Papier Mache: Simple, Strong and Versatile Papier Mache or Paper Mache is literally mashed or chewed paper. Paper Mache is a simple mix of glue and old newspapers or any unwanted absorbent papers. Some paper mache mixes will have glue, starch and even cloth. Pronounced ‘Papay Machay’ or “Paper Mashay”, it is an innovative way to make the best use […]

Colorful Paper Mache teacup On The Table.

Unleashing Your Creativity With Papier Mache

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Making A Papier Mache Teacup : Required Materials Papier Mache teacups are cute , adorable little things that look like they’ve popped right out of a fairytale book. They are extremely easy to make. Crafts using paper cups is a fun-filled project that is suitable for both children and adults who are looking to unleash their creative side. So, let’s […]