Newspaper Rose Placed On The Table.

Simple and creative craft ideas

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Paper crafts or origami is one of the best things to show your child. It is best to use old newspapers instead of using fresh color papers for the crafts. These newspaper crafts entertain and also assists in developing creativity and fine motor skills. Amazing and creative newspaper craft ideas We have shared a list of crafts with how to […]

Colorful Paddle Boat Made From Icecream Sticks.

Getting Creative with the Simple Ice Cream Stick

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Cool Crafts With Ice Cream Sticks: Making a Paddle boat There are a plethora of things one can craft with ice cream sticks. Made of lightweight wood, these sticks have helped to unleash the creativity of children across ages. Strong and durable, these sticks can be easily put together to create pretty and useful objects. The paddle boat is something […]

An Image Of Beautiful Pencil Holder Made By Icecream Sticks

Easy Craft With Ice Cream Sticks

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Making an Ice Cream Stick Pencil Holder: Things You Need The simple stick that holds an ice cream or popsicle is versatile in more ways that you can think of. Made of lightweight wood, this stick is easily available in most stationery shops and outlets. A single packet will contain hundreds of sticks that can be used to make numerous […]