Most of us believe that taking a picture is a piece of cake. All one has to do it point the lens and then click. With the advent of camera phones and DLSRs, it has become even more straightforward to capture memories. What we don’t realise is that there is more to photography than just clicking a button. By using three basic tricks, one can turn an average photo into something phenomenal. Following the steps barely takes any time and the improvement is almost instantaneous. Keeping practicing them and soon, they will come naturally to you. So, without further ado, here are the tips for taking better pictures.

• Better your perspective.

The best photos are those that are taken from the level of the eyes of the photographer. While this is true, perspective matters a lot in images. There are many viewpoints to the same instance. One can get low or go high. Next time you are clicking something try to move, you can:

o Crouch
o Stand on a chair
o Lie down on the ground
o Or come up/ down to the eye level of your subject such as when clicking a toddler.

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• Remove extra space.

The one factor that can significantly make a difference to a photo is space. Generally, when we take a snapshot, we end up with a lot of unnecessary space around the subject. The tip to improve pictures is to have less space and more content. The thing or person you are photographing should not cover only a small part of it. To enjoy the look of the person, object or animal, fill the image with them. Try to get closer and fill the frame with the face of the subject.

• Too much light.

Even an amateur photographer would have heard the term exposure. It is a commonly thrown word in the world of photography. Controlling the exposure of the pictures is significant. What that means is that neither should it have too much light nor should it have too little. It is one of the golden rules of taking images. While it is essential to adhere to it, one should always be ready to break the rules. Therefore, our last tip of the day is to use too much light.

Remember, too little of light probably means a photo that is dark and unclear. A slight overexposure of the image, on the other hand, can create amazing results. This is especially applicable when the subject of the photo is backlit.

We bid you adieu by offering a piece of advice that every photographer should have. Try as many things as you can and then find what fits your talent. For example, after you follow these tips to take better pictures, you may see that for you something else works. The key is to experiment a lot, only then will you improve as an artist. Also, rules are meant to be broken so go ahead and start breaking!

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