It is said that picking up a hobby is crucial. It can extend your age and keep the mind active. While there is an endless number of options available to people, photography is one that brings the most joy or so we believe. In this short piece, we take a look at four reasons why everyone should become a photographer and how each helps you be better in life.

• One can begin at any time.

Most people think that they can’t pick up photography as a hobby because:

o They don’t have the right equipment.
o They don’t have the right talent.
o They are not of the right age.

This is just a myth. Taking pictures is a personal experience. One can begin anywhere, anytime and with anything. You don’t need to have an incredible professional camera to take pics. You don’t need to be of the appropriate age to know what you need to click. All it takes is some knowledge of:

o Composition
o Light
o Exposure
o Editing

Even basic knowledge and a phone camera are more than enough to create the most gorgeous images ever. Once you start taking pictures, the creative and artistic side of you comes to the forefront and helps you discover and develop a new aspect of your personality.

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• You become more observant.

Every day and every moment there are endless little things that happen, and we don’t notice because we are unaware or unobservant. When you begin to look at the world from behind a lens, you see it at the moment. You start to notice little things like light, patterns, colours, shadows, and frames. When you see these, you begin pinpointing meaningful aspects such as expressions, feelings, gestures, and connections. With this quality comes the ability to appreciate mundane things.

• It can bring joy and happiness.

A hobby is good for the mind, body, and soul because it brings a person a lot of happiness and joy. Photography ranks at the top of the list because even in the middle of a chaotic day, a camera can help you slow down and capture a second of pure delight. By focusing on what it right in front of you and not external noise, pleasure is evoked. Plus, you feel internal gratitude for being alive to experience this instance of contentment.

• You get to experience more.

When you cultivate the hobby of photography, you crave to click more people, places and various backgrounds. Therefore, you motivate others to experience more. For example, a yard that has been left untouched at home can become the core of family gatherings because one of you likes to take photos. Another example is a couple travelling more so that they can click the beauty of the world. You and others experience more with photography which enhances your knowledge. It also makes you more accepting of the variating of culture.

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