A student doing some artwork on a canvas

Career In Fine Arts, Visual Arts & Performing Arts. All You Need To Know

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Fine arts are those that artists create to appreciate nature’s beauty or the things associated with nature. Fine arts includes videography, photography, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, poetry, literature, woodworking, pottery making, metal-smithing, jewelry designing, printmaking, decorative handicrafts, and other forms of visual arts. Students can enter the workforce in various fields after completing these courses. There is a fine arts college […]

3 children, one boy and two girls are drawing in their notebooks. Art supplies are kept in front of them.

How Can Arts & Crafts In Early Education Aid Holistic Growth?

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How Important Is Art Education In Schools? In times of adversity, art can be a source of solace. It provides children with a safe place to learn, experiment, and keep themselves entertained. Arts and crafts activities can increase children’s interest and allow them to develop their artistic abilities. Many of the top international school in Chennai (https://www.internationalvillage.org/) now include arts […]