As time progresses, transformations take place in every field. Be it our way of life, our food, clothing, whatsoever. But there are certain things which should not be left forgotten under the clutches of time. Those things include our traditional art and cultural forms. They are treasures to be passed onto our future generation, so they have to be preserved rightly. We are a group of art lovers from different fields including photography, sculptures, etc. working towards the common goal of enriching art and culture.

Our aim is to preserve the traditional art forms which are on the verge of vanishing. We concentrate on various forms of art such as dance, music, theatre, fine arts, literature, etc. Folk and tribal art forms require special attention. Practices such as yoga, meditation, etc. which are part of our traditional culture since time immemorial also have to be preserved properly.

Let us have a detailed look at how art and culture preservation can be done.

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Awareness seminars
Most of the people go behind the latest trends ignoring all the traditions behind. There may be a very few among the older generation who has a thorough knowledge of various art and cultural forms. The younger generation must be convinced about the need of capturing such immense information from their elders so that no art form gets extinct.

Workshops are the places where all inhibitions go away. They are excellent platforms for interaction, learning and growth. Workshops are conducted under the guidance of experts in various fields. The interactive platform gives the attendees a platform to share their knowledge with others and also to learn new things.

Exhibitions and fairs
Exhibitions and fairs are the best way to preserve art forms such as painting, sculpturing, etc. People get to see a lot of traditional fine art works which is crafted with perfection. Such shows inspire them to learn the traditional art forms.

Live performances
No seminar or awareness session can have the impact as that of a live performance. A large number of people get a chance to see and learn about old art forms. It has become quite common to see a person having no idea about a particular art form becoming a fan of the same after watching a live performance by an excellent artist.

Regular practice and knowledge sharing
Cultural practises such as yoga are a bit different from the rest. Live performances will not make sense in this case. Practice and training sessions are required to keep them alive. Those who have excellent knowledge in this field should never hesitate to share it with the beginners as this is the best preservation method in the long run.

Practising yoga by using custom props from sites like, Hugger Mugger, Gaiam, and so on, is a very welcoming trend. Such props enhance the workouts, thereby attracting more and more people to it. This, according to is a giant leap in the preservation of the ancient practise.

Read more about various art and cultural forms and think about what help you can do to preserve art and culture. Every single step counts and so don’t hesitate!

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