Image That Shows The Section of Art and Culture in IAS Exams

Cracking The Art & Culture Section Of IAS Test

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The UPSC syllabus covers a wide range of topics during the Preliminary Examination. Art and Culture is just one subject that gets asked in the civil services test, but it is also the one that has the most uncertainty. To assist all IAS aspirants sitting for the exam this year, we spoke to Mr. Chaitanya of who gave us some […]

The Importance Of Performing Arts For The Well Being Of The Human Society

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Performing arts has been a part of human culture for a long time in history. It has evolved along the way to reach its current stage today. Humans like to find an outlet to show their creative side and performing arts is a perfect example of this. It allows people to discover and express themselves. The Benefits of Encouraging Performance […]

Preservation Of Traditional Arts And Culture- Here Are Some Suggestions!

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As time progresses, transformations take place in every field. Be it our way of life, our food, clothing, whatsoever. But there are certain things which should not be left forgotten under the clutches of time. Those things include our traditional art and cultural forms. They are treasures to be passed onto our future generation, so they have to be preserved […]