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For a long time, a debate has been raging. Are art and design the same thing? If not, then what are the elements that separate the two. The answer is convoluted and therefore much discussed. Both fields depend on the same knowledge base to fashion a visual composition. This links art and design, irrevocably. But the reason for which they create is wholly different. This builds the difference between the two. One can say that some designers can turn out to be artists, but there are rare few artists who can be designers.

To comprehend the difference between art and design, we spoke to a Team of Web Designers at Digital SEO Web Design Company in Chennai. They helped us understand the core principle of each skill and thus examine the main differences.

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  • The Purpose

The primary aspect that puts art away from design is the purpose. Art is created so that others can be inspired by it. Image That Looks Like A Blank Canvas was Waiting For An Artist to Explore His Work.Artists look at a blank canvas and envision a work that will relate to the viewer. Each piece, each painting, every sculpture begins with nothing and then is built upon a feeling, opinion or view of the artist. The aim is to make an end product that people can learn from or resonate with.

A design doesn’t have an abstract purpose. Even before the first concept is started, a designer knows what it will communicate, i.e., the goal is objective and already exists. Art is inventing something new; design is creating a means of communication. For example, when a website is established, the maker already knows what the image, video or text included in it will convey. By relaying that message, design motivates the viewer to take action such as:

  1. Buy a product
  2. Opt for a service
  3. Learn new information
  4. Go to a new location
    In a gist, art makes you feel, and design makes you do.
  • The Perspective

The next significant element that separates art and design lies in the eye of the view. It is the perspective of the audience that defines them, i.e., how the message conveyed is interpreted. Art is always understood as an emotion. The feeling may differ depending upon the viewpoint. For example, the same painting may evoke laughter in one person and contemplation in another. Simply said, art should connect to different individuals in different ways.

Whereas, design is the very opposite. There is no interpretation of it. So much so, that if web design has to be decoded, then it is considered a failure. Let’s say that a website is designed to motivate the user to buy a specific organic shampoo, but a viewer interprets the message as switching to an eco-friendly product. Then the design is not doing its job. Good design will communicate the same message no matter who sees it. Check Out – About the Art vs Design – A Timeless Debate.

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