Photography Is An Art: True or False?

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Art is all about subjectivity, they say. The world seen through the eyes of the artist is passed through the prism of his or her unique life experience and rendered with exquisite artistic and technical skill on a canvas or a stage. Any work of art can be interpreted in […]

Image Of Photography Exibition which was viewed By Two Viewers

Photography Exhibition For Beginners – A How-To

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Photography is an art and the most straightforward technique to get people to appreciate art is an exhibition. A photography event is also the quickest method of making some money. Ms. Catherine of tells us how important it is to choose the right venue – “Selecting the right venue […]

The exhibition

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The new French project by Lise Sarfati, Oh Man, curated by Francesco Zanot, consists of a series of photographs taken in California, in downtown Los Angeles, between 2012 and 2013. Main subject of the work are some men in the urban context. Do not commit any major action. In most […]