An Orange Colored Paint And Brush.

Painting for beginners-A complete know-how

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Beginners need to know many things before stepping into the complex world of art. From the inspiration, colour supplies to the techniques, painting is a world by itself. The article presents you with the six necessary steps you should acquaint with, before venturing into the magic world of creativity. Essential […]

Painting Ideas for Bedroom with Pink Color

Luscious Painting Ideas For Bedroom Using Specific Colours

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Every home has many purposeful rooms with the bedroom being one place for complete relaxation. Bedroom creates a refuge to have great peace of mind and aid in promoting some positive and tranquillizing vibrations. Using the right kind of colour to the bedroom can help accomplish a comfortable and peaceful […]

Rangoli Painting On The Floor

Art of painting rangoli painting

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A creative expression of art, the rangoli painting has survived generations to become a significant art form. Rangoli is typically designed outside the houses on auspicious occasions or to welcome guests who according to Indian traditions, are viewed next to god. Rangoli paintings instil positivity to the spectators, and creativity […]