The Four Most Common Types Of Sculpture Carvings

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Sculpting is the art of constructing figures, structures, and models by carving materials such as stone, metal, clay, and wood. Though sculpting has been prevalent for thousands of decades, we believe that is the Greek era that gave rise to the present tradition of making sculptures. Even today, Greece is known across the world as the creator of masterpieces in […]

A Short And Brief History Of Sculptures

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For centuries and centuries, sculptures have played a pivotal role in the lives of humans. Historians believe that the first few sculptures were created by man to aid in hunting by supplying ‘magical power.’ They also say sculpting is one of the oldest art forms. Humankind began to carve before we decided to paint or design our dwellings. These sculptures […]

Image Of Photography Exibition which was viewed By Two Viewers

Photography Exhibition For Beginners – A How-To

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Photography is an art and the most straightforward technique to get people to appreciate art is an exhibition. A photography event is also the quickest method of making some money. Ms. Catherine of tells us how important it is to choose the right venue – “Selecting the right venue for exhibitions, trade fairs and art shows is one of […]

Image That Shows The Section of Art and Culture in IAS Exams

Cracking The Art & Culture Section Of IAS Test

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The UPSC syllabus covers a wide range of topics during the Preliminary Examination. Art and Culture is just one subject that gets asked in the civil services test, but it is also the one that has the most uncertainty. To assist all IAS aspirants sitting for the exam this year, we spoke to Mr. Chaitanya of who gave us some […]