People are not as happy as they should be, regardless of the fact that life quality has increased over the last decade.

People are not as happy as they should be, regardless of the fact that life quality has increased over the last decade.

As of the latest scientific research and statistics, one in every six people suffers from sadness or anxiety each year. People all over the world are experiencing an increase in mental health issues and disorders. It’s sad that these problems arise in adolescence or even in childhood. Is art therapy a feasible alternative for mental health?

Workload, job stress, family problems, health issues, social networking adverse reactions, medication complications, and trauma just a few of the factors that influence and modify the human mind.

All of these factors contribute to problems, mental disorders, and abnormalities that affect both the body and the mind. Many more of today’s physical issues are the result of a mental illness. A concerned and frail mind, for example, creates an ideal environment for the cold and flu.

What is the Role of Art Therapy in Mental Health?

It can help children and adults explore and acknowledge their emotions, calm and soothe their minds, improve their self-esteem, manage addictions, relieve depression and anxiety symptoms, help deal with pain and physical illnesses, improve self-expression, imagination, and creativity, and encourages problem-solving

The best thing regarding art therapy would be that no artistic ability, drawing, or painting skills are required. When words fail, art therapy allows you to express yourself creatively. We are more concerned with the artistic choices and the sense of comfort that they bring than with the aesthetic worth. In most cases, art therapy allows the subconscious to articulate itself and expose hidden beliefs and opinions.

People are still embarrassed to admit they have such a mental disease, regardless of the fact that the mental disorders are no longer condemned in the same manner they were all in the past when people were automatically labelled as insane. When a patient is asked to paint or create something with clay, the stigmata fades, and the patient calms.

What kinds of art therapy practices can help those suffering from mental illnesses?

Any kind of expression, whether on paper, painting, clay, or a musical instrument, can be considered beneficial.

When painting or drawing, the patient should ignore any concern about the end product’s look and concentrate on his feelings. They must focus on the issues such as:

Colors and moods are linked: for example, if I’m feeling lost and chilly, and the blue color is associated with all these feelings, I’ll choose blue. You should use each colour and express your feelings on paper are based on the experience you get out of it.

Some patients drew sharp patterns, triangles, and rough edges when they were stressed or unhappy, whereas others drew gentle, round forms when they were happier releasing preconceived beliefs and going with the flow

Other types of activities can be included in art therapy.

In addition to the health benefits of drawing painting and art, other forms of therapeutic relationships for psychological health can be used. These activities include movements, sounds, and performances. If drawing isn’t your thing, consider one of the alternatives:

Therapy via acting or live performance requires immersing oneself in a role and seeking to perceive the world through their eyes.

Movement and physical exercises are always good, and dance therapy enables people to express their thoughts via their bodies.

Music as a form of rehabilitative therapy – Music can help you feel better by listening to it or playing it. It has been demonstrated that playing an instrument promotes logical thinking & organisation. It can be extremely effective when dealing with tough emotions.

Last thoughts

It is vital to maintain your mental fitness and well-being. We are constantly confronted with stressful and unpleasant situations; consequently, we must learn how to deal with all of them & arm ourselves with healthy solutions such as art therapy. Art therapy will benefit your mental well-being while also training you on a new set of skills.

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