The Contemporary to Mu.Di.RC.

Villa Coppetti, 60126 Castelbellino (AN).

The Mu.Di.RC., Educational Museum of Contemporary Risorgimento, is located inside Villa Coppetti and stable thematic exhibition in which you enhance and develop the aesthetic content of the Italian Risorgimento reinterpreted by young artists. A goal of the museum is in a new and different to involve school children to discover the themes and the typical content of a part of our history through iconography and contemporary styles, dictated by young artists who have pledged to donate their art for informational purposes only; and it is thanks to the donation of the works that it was possible to realize this project in a permanent exhibition curated by Massimo Volponi. The artists: Gabriella Siciliano, Antonio De Blasi, Andrea Amaducci, Claudio Starnone, Vladimiro Lilla Lella Vairo, Sacco Yari, Alessandro Passerini, Marco Manzoni, Alessandra Buschi, Gabriele Falcioni, Paolo Berti, Carmelo Todoverto, Lorena Robino. Massimo Volponi.

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