Love For Diamonds – Rich And Famous Collections

Diamonds and precious stones are collected by celebrities since time immemorial. These glittering stones have transformed into adorning pieces of jewellery and have decorated the monarchs and their crowns. It has become an exhibit of one’s wealth and status. Who can forget the famous jewels that Cleopatra owned? These are not just sparklers in different hues but have more value attached to it. Leading online jewellery websites like has one such rare collection of precious gemstones and diamonds studded in gold.

Here are some rare collections preserved by the rich and the famous,

A while ago once reported how Elizabeth Taylor, the queen of the celluloid, once owned world famous diamonds bought from a German munitions magnate. Called the Krupp Diamond it was gifted to the actress by Richard Burton in the year 1968. The price was estimated to be a whopping $305,000. The actress sported it in every film she appeared ever since. Another of her collection was from Burton again an incredible 240 carat South African diamond which he presented on her 40th birthday. Named the Taylor-Burton diamond, the 240 carat piece was auctioned for the construction of Botswana hospital in the year 1978. Find her famous collection in her book My Love Affair with Jewelry.

The British Royal family is known to hold the most precious jewellery in the history. These stunning precious gems are incorporated in the crowns, bracelets, tiaras, rings, sceptres and orbs. The First Star of Africa was set in the Scepter and the second Star of Africa in the Imperial State Crown. These were taken from the largest ever found, flawless diamond on earth weighing 3,000 carats. Not to forget the collection also holds the 106 carat Koh-i-Noor diamond found in the platinum crown of the Queen Mother.

Oprah Winfrey, renowned actress, talk show anchor, producer and philanthropist own $100 million worth jewellery including an eternity ring, diamond chandeliers and Riviera necklace all inlaid in diamonds. She also owns coloured fancy diamonds from the legendary Argyle Mines in Australia. This includes a unique necklace that holds seven diamonds holding a natural pink diamond.

The world’s largest jewellery retailer Cheng Yu-Tung has wealth estimated to $19.6 billion. At 87, he is the only Asian diamond owner to be present in the list of top 10 diamond owners. Since the time he opened his shop in 1938 in Macau, he expanded to more than 1,800 jewellery stores in China. In the year 2010, he paid $35.3 million for 507 carats Cullinan Heritage diamond. It is the highest price paid ever for a rough diamond.

Israeli-born Benjamin Steinmetz inherited the Steinmetz Diamond Group which is in business for over 70 years. Steinmetz is known to have mined 10 million carat diamonds from the mines of Koidu, Sierra Leone. The 203.04 carat pear shaped Millennium Star De Beers is the famous piece crafted by the company. It took three years to cut the diamond. Another notable piece is the 59.6 carats pink diamond worth $100 million exhibited in 2003.

Across the globe, the rich and famous have taken immense interest in collection precious gems and jewellery.

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